Coffs Harbour electrical appliance repairs


Repair Service of Electrical Appliance — Electrical Repairs in Coffs Harbour, NSW
Bananacoast Electrical is the best place in Coffs Harbour to receive maintenance and repair services for a host of electrical appliances. We can assist domestic and commercial clients with repairs and maintenance for washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, hot water systems, toasters, fans and other appliances.

We are a warranty service agent in the local area, which means that we can repair your appliance to the terms of your manufacturer warranty. Bananacoast Electrical provides a full guarantee on all our work. If the same problem arises soon after, we will fix it for free.

Founded in 1977, our business has more than forty decades of experience in servicing and repairing appliances for our local clients. When you call Bananacoast Electrical for repair services, you can be sure to receive a full diagnosis of the reasons for your appliance malfunctioning.

Our technicians want you to understand why you are experiencing a problem with your appliances. We explain in detail the cause of the issue and what is required to get it back to full functionality. Our policy is to provide an upfront quote for replacement parts and our labour. We want every customer to make an informed decision about whether they want to go ahead with the repairs or invest in a new or reconditioned appliance.