Hot water system repairs in Coffs Harbour


Hot Water System — Hot Water System Repairs in Coffs Harbour, NSW
Electric hot water systems are prevalent in Australian homes, apartment buildings and businesses. If you live in the Coffs Harbour area and rely on an electrical appliance for hot water at your residence or commercial space, you can count on Bananacoast Electrical to perform excellent maintenance and repairs on your device.

We are the local specialists when it comes to electric hot water systems, as we have over four decades of experience with these appliances. Not only do we understand the pros and cons of various models, but we have an inside-out knowledge of how they function. It allows us to quickly and accurately identify problems with your electric hot water system, while we can perform repairs at affordable rates.

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When you call Bananacoast Electrical to investigate why your electric water heater is not functioning, we put our best foot forward. A trained and licensed professional arrives at your location, checks out the system and determines the cause of the problem.

We then sit down with you and explain the issue that your system is experiencing. By outlining the problem, we point out what replacement parts or labour is required to bring your system back to its full functionality. In most cases, we have second-hand and new parts in stock, ready to use. If we need to order a specialty part, we do so immediately.

We perform all repair work under your guidance and supervision. You will be informed about what we are doing in every step of the process, as we want you to be fully aware of the work involved in repairing your hot water system. We provide quotes after the first inspection, while we keep you in the loop if any additional work or parts are required.

Common Electric Hot Water System Problems


The main difference between a gas and electric hot water system is the method for heating water. With electric heaters, an electric heating element ensures that your water is heated to the appropriate temperature before it flows through your piping into various water fixtures.

It is why the most common problem that we are asked to fix is a failed or malfunctioning heating element. Perhaps your water is not nearly as hot as it was in the past. In other cases, you may get nothing but cold water from your taps. We can investigate the problem with the heating element and recommend a solution.

If we notice the problem is related to your plumbing, we can recommend a reputable Coffs Harbour plumber who can resolve the issue.